corporate and think-tank researcher

Donald Gutstein

31 Oct '09

Chock full of important Canadian press and political history

I first heard of Donald Gutstein in a brief magazine notice of a book release with an interesting title, the one that became the title of this book. I went to the book release at a medium sized cafe with about a hundred other people. While I cannot recommend his ability to captivate a live audience, I was impressed by the depth of his research and his obvious concern that Canadians are not being told much truth either in the press or by politicians. When I read the book I was rewarded for my patience by thoughtful, well-researched investigative reportage. In this way Gutstein is like one of Canada’s Noam Chomsky-like figures: towering investigative research matched with deep historical understanding. Read this book if you want to know more about how the press and powerful elites run the show in Canada.

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