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Donald Gutstein

Stephane Dion

The Real Blitz That Buried Dion

28 Oct '08

Grit Leader done in by the media? You read it first in The Tyee. When St├ęphane Dion announced his decision to step down as Liberal leader on Oct. 21, he blamed his dismal showing on a Conservative ad blitz that kicked in as soon as he won the party leadership in late 2006. The advertising

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The Flip-Flop Drumbeat

26 Mar '07

CanWest, CTV play along as Tories label Dion. Is St├ęphane Dion a flip-flopper? When you think of him, do you picture a fish out of water, flipping and flopping in a desperate attempt to get back into the (main)stream? If enough Canadians believe he is, Dion stands to lose the next election. That’s what happened

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