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Donald Gutstein

Corporate funding


07 Oct '14

Margaret Thatcher transformed British political life forever. So did Ronald Reagan in the United States. Now Canada has experienced a similar, dramatic shift to a new kind of politics, which author Donald Gutstein terms Harperism.

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New BC Think Tank’s Findings Remarkably Helpful to Clark

22 Aug '14

Resource industry success benefit us all, Resource Works says. Some more than others, I say. Boost production in B.C.’s resource industries and we’ll all be better off — especially those of us in the Lower Mainland. That’s the soothing message emanating from the province’s newest corporate-sponsored think tank, Resource Works. It’s good news for all

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Follow the Money, Part 6 — Obesity: A new role for second-hand-smoke-causes-cancer deniers

21 May '14

Last week I wrote about tobacco industry funding for Fraser Institute research that “proved” second-hand smoke doesn’t cause cancer. You may think that’s ancient history. And in one sense you’re right. The tobacco industry has shifted its doubt-manufacturing operations to countries like Russia, Indonesia and China, where the incidence of smoking—and cancer—continues to rise. But

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Follow the Money, Part 5 — The Tobacco Papers Revisited

20 May '14

Michael Walker, former executive director of the Fraser Institute, long denied that institute directors—the people who fund the institute’s work—can tell researchers what to do. According to this rosy view of the think tank’s mission, Big Oil directors from Calgary, for instance, don’t tell Fraser Institute researcher Kenneth Green to produce studies denying global warming

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Murdoch’s ties to Big Tobacco

23 Jul '11

Rupert Murdoch’s phone-hacking problems have been all over the news in recent days, but it wasn’t too long ago his media properties were providing a supportive environment for Big Tobacco that went largely unreported. Murdoch’s connection to Phillip Morris Co. was revealed through secret industry documents made public as a result of the landmark 1998

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Vancouver Sun blanks out bank’s role in Wisconsin government’s attack on unions; alternative media fill in gaps

24 Mar '11

Trust the Vancouver Sun to whitewash corporate shenanigans. Case in point, the annual meeting of the Bank of Montreal in Vancouver on March 22. The bank has become a major target of public hostility in Wisconsin, where last December it bought the Marshall and Ilsley Bank for $4.1 billion. While BMO shareholders listened to CEO

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Following the Money: The Fraser Institute’s Tobacco Papers

14 Oct '09

When the Fraser Institute celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2004, media coverage was ebullient. The Province was typical when it proclaimed in an editorial “we’re all ‘right wing’ now” and ended by congratulating the institute for “daring to dissent. May it do so for another 30 years.” This piece was reprinted in the Ottawa Citizen

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Who Funds the Fraser?

23 Oct '04

The Fraser Institute’s 30th anniversary a good time to review its financing, influence. Aspiring reporters are taught in journalism school to “follow the money” when doing business or government stories. Who’s financing the project? Who will benefit from the rezoning or tax break? Who will lose out? This year the Fraser Institute celebrates its 30th

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