corporate and think-tank researcher

Donald Gutstein

Print Publications

Not a Conspiracy Theory: How Business Propaganda Hijacks Democracy. Toronto: Key Porter, 2009

“Conservative think tanks and the academy: Credibility by stealth?” in James L. Turk (ed.), Universities at Risk: How Politics, Special Interests and Corporatization Threaten Academic Integrity. Toronto: James Lorimer and Co., 2008

“Telling stories: news media, health literacy and public policy in Canada,” (with Michael Hayes, Ian Ross, Mike Gasher, James Dunn, & Robert Hackett). Social Science & Medicine, 2007, 1842-1852

“The brief life of the TeleLearning Network,” in Marita Moll & Leslie Regan Shade (eds.), Seeking Convergence in Policy and Practice. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2004

“Vancouver’s largest dailies are imbalanced — are you surprised?” (with Robert Hackett).  CCPA Monitor, Winter 2003

“Propaganda Post: The campaign to destroy public education.” CCPA Monitor, Winter 2003

“This just in: Global warming a myth — National Post.” CCPA Monitor, August, 2001

“Editorial writers don’t share same concerns as general public” (with Scott Uzelman). CCPA Monitor, May 2001

The Missing News: Filters and Blind Spots in Canada’s Press, (Robert Hackett and Richard Gruneau with Donald Gutstein, Tim Gibson and NewsWatch Canada). Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2000

“Blindspots: Big business escapes the critical media spotlight.” Media, Winter 2000. Available

Unequal Contest 2: Think Tanks in the News.” CCPA Monitor, Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, September, 2000

e.con: How the Internet Undermines Democracy. Toronto: Stoddart, 1999

“Paper’s coverage of think tanks favours the right.” CCPA Monitor, Fall 1998

“Vancouver Sun’s coverage acid test of owner’s influence.” CCPA Monitor, Fall 1998

Question the Sun,” (with Bob Hackett and NewsWatch Canada). Burnaby: Simon Fraser University, July 1998

“Fraser Institute continues its distorting ways.” CCPA Monitor, Spring 1998

“Project Censored Canada 1996 Yearbook: Blindspots in the News Agenda?” (with Mark Lowes, Robert Hackett, Jim Winter and Rick Gruneau). Burnaby: Project Censored Canada, Simon Fraser University, 1996

“Blindspots in the News? Project Censored Canada: 1995 Yearbook,” (with Katherine Manson, Robert Hackett, Jim Winter, and Rick Gruneau). Burnaby: Project Censored Canada, Simon Fraser University, 1995

“Project Censored Canada: Researching the Nation’s News Agenda, 1994 Yearbook,” (with Robert Hackett and Project Censored Canada). Burnaby: Project Censored Canada, Simon Fraser University, 1994

“Drink Canada Dry?” (with Wendy Holm), in Jim Sinclair (ed.), Crossing the Line. Vancouver: New Star Books, 1992

The New Landlords: Asian Investment in Canadian Real Estate. Victoria: Porcepic Books, 1990

“Expo’s impact on the city,” in Robert Anderson and Eleanor Wachtel (eds.), The Expo Story. Madeira Park, BC: Harbour Publishing, 1986

“Vancouver,” in Warren Magnusson and Andrew Sancton, (eds.), City Politics in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1983

Vancouver Ltd. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co., 1975

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