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Donald Gutstein

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch’s ties to Big Tobacco

23 Jul '11

Rupert Murdoch’s phone-hacking problems have been all over the news in recent days, but it wasn’t too long ago his media properties were providing a supportive environment for Big Tobacco that went largely unreported. Murdoch’s connection to Phillip Morris Co. was revealed through secret industry documents made public as a result of the landmark 1998

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Harper’s Meeting With Murdoch — The Real Story

17 Sep '10

Why would big-time global media tycoon Rupert Murdoch meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss how miniscule Canadian media tycoon Pierre-Karl Péladeau could set up a Quebecor Media television knock-off of Murdoch’s Fox News channel? The answer is that he wouldn’t — and didn’t. Even Kory Teneycke, who was Harper’s chief spokesperson at the

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