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Donald Gutstein

22 Oct '14

National Newswatch: Canadians Need to Take Their Country Back Before It’s Gone

By Frances Russell — National Newswatch — Oct 22 2014 A man and his economic dogma is quietly – and steadily – transforming Canada profoundly, perhaps beyond repair as well as recognition. From glorifying past wars to ongoing assaults on parliament, the federal public service, science and the environment and from a thinly veiled

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18 Oct '14

Waterloo Region Record: Harperism: How Stephen Harper and his think-tank colleagues have transformed Canada

Jim Romahn, Waterloo Region Record, October 18, 2014, E4 Step by step, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is, according to author Donald Gutstein, turning Canada into a far-right economic and ultra-conservative social society. Gutstein says Harper is doing this by following the lead of think-tanks set up to “research” and promote these policies, think-tanks that are

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17 Oct '14

Vancouver Sun: How Canada Made its Shift to the Right

By Tom Sandborn, Special to The Sun October 17, 2014 Harperism: How Stephen Harper and His Think-tank Colleagues Have Transformed Canada By Donald Gutstein James Lorimer & Company Ltd. No one has ever accused Stephen Harper of being dizzyingly charismatic. Few enthuse about how charming he can be in small group settings, or how

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07 Oct '14


Margaret Thatcher transformed British political life forever. So did Ronald Reagan in the United States. Now Canada has experienced a similar, dramatic shift to a new kind of politics, which author Donald Gutstein terms Harperism. Among its key tenets: A weakened labour movement – and preferably the disappearance of unions – will contribute to Canada’s

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22 Aug '14

New BC Think Tank’s Findings Remarkably Helpful to Clark

Resource industry success benefit us all, Resource Works says. Some more than others, I say. Boost production in B.C.’s resource industries and we’ll all be better off — especially those of us in the Lower Mainland. That’s the soothing message emanating from the province’s newest corporate-sponsored think tank, Resource Works. It’s good news for all

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